Horiba Yumizen C1200 AL

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Horiba Yumizen C1200 AL

Analysis Method Types Spectrophotometry, colorimetric and Turbidimetric assays
Indirect ISE Na+, K+, Cl-
Throughput 1200 tests/hour
Automatic Maintenance During start-up and shutdown

Sample Handling
Sample Tray 84 samples, continuous loading
Sample Probe
Liquid level sensing, cap/shock, and clot detections

Sample Identification Integrated barcode reader
Sample Types Serum, plasma and urine
Sample Collection Format
5, 7, 10 mL tubes and sample cups

ISE Sample Volume 22 µL (serum, urine)
Sample Volume 1 – 25 µL (0.1 increment)
Automatic Sample Dilution ½ to 1/300
Calibrator and Control Tray 61 refrigerated positions for calibrators and controls
STAT Sample Handling Dedicated STAT position

Reagent Handling
Reagent Tray 2 trays with 45 reagent positions each
All reagents refrigerated at 2° – 8° C

Reagent Cartridge 20 (with adaptors), 40 or 70 mL
Dispensing System 2 reagent probes, 3-part reagent capability
Reagent Identification Integrated barcode system
Reagent Volume 5 – 300 µL

Physical Dimensions
Analyzer Size 122 x 85 x 110.8 cm (WxDxH) / 48″ x 33″ x 43″ (WxDxH)
Analyzer Weight 405kg / 992 lbs
Analyzer w AL Size 158 x 109 x 111 (WxDxH) cm / 62.2″ x 42.9″ x 43.7″ (WxDxH)
Analyzer w AL Weight 548kg / 1208 lbs

Key features include:
Processes 1200 test/hour with ISEs
Dedicated STAT position
Random continuous access
Serum, Plasma and Urine samples
90 refrigerated reagent positions
61 dedicated refrigerated positions for calibrators and controls
Liquid level sensing
Clot detection
Cap/shock detection
Hemolysis, Icterus, Lipemia checks
Autoloader (optional accessory)

The Yumizen C1200 test menu includes the following panels:
Comprehensive Metabolic
Diabetes/ Stroke
Therapeutic Drugs (TDM)
Drugs of Abuse (DAU) and Adulterants
Specialty Assays

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