Diatron Pictus 500 Bench-top Analyzer

The Diatron Pictus 500 Bench-top Analyzer is a new, ergonomically designed, bench top Clinical Chemistry system, which has a high degree of automation to give assured result quality. The advanced Windows-based software, smart architecture and user-friendly interface ensures the P500 offers many benefits such as uninterrupted workflow, enhanced walk-away operation and remote access diagnostics.


Diatron Pictus 500 Bench-top Analyzer

The P500 is a bench top, fully automated Clinical Chemistry system comprised of advanced Windows-based software, state of the art components and user-friendly interface provide a long life platform for analytical excellence. The system includes a full range of reagents, controls and calibrators.


  • 95 sample positions
  • 72 single reagent positions
  • First results within 45 seconds
  • 5 open channels
  • Internal optional 4-module ISE
  • Optimized walk away operation (auto cal & blank accept)
  • Cost effective
  • Low water consumption (~2 L/h)
  • Minimal consumable usage 80 reusable PMMA reaction cuvettes
  • Extended calibration and long on-board stability
  • High throughput for a small footprint
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to operate and learn