Diatron Pictus 500 Bench-top Analyzer

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Diatron Pictus 500 Bench-top Analyzer

The Diatron Pictus 500 Bench-top Analyzer is a new, ergonomically designed, bench-top Clinical Chemistry system, which has a high degree of automation to give assured result quality. The advanced Windows-based software, smart architecture, and user-friendly interface ensure the P500 offers many benefits such as uninterrupted workflow, enhanced walk-away operation, and remote access diagnostics.

Diatron Pictus 500 Bench-top Analyzer
The P500 is a benchtop, fully automated Clinical Chemistry system comprised of advanced Windows-based software, state of the art components and a user-friendly interface that provide a long life platform for analytical excellence. The system includes a full range of reagents, controls, and calibrators.


95 sample positions
72 single reagent positions
First results within 45 seconds
5 open channels
Internal optional 4-module ISE
Optimized walk away operation (auto cal & blank accept)
Low water consumption (~2 L/h)
Minimal consumable usage 80 reusable PMMA reaction cuvettes
Extended calibration and long on-board stability
High throughput for a small footprint
Environmentally friendly
Easy to operate and learn

As A Certified Medical Device Manufacturer

licensed through the California State Department of Public Health, FDA Division, our remanufactured equipment is guaranteed to meet the most stringent requirements of this governing body. Our superior supply-chain process allows us to provide a one year parts, labor, and travel warranty. ClearChem Diagnostics takes pride in ensuring each re-certified system will look and perform as new!

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