Beckman Coulter DXC 700 AU

Get the right results at the right time with one system. The DxC 700 AU clinical chemistry analyzer is the latest innovation in a line of reliable chemistry systems for the mid- to high-volume laboratory. The DxC 700 AU combines the best-loved (and time-tested) features of the popular DxC and AU series of clinical chemistry analyzers. This powerful combination delivers maximal uptime, high reliability and precise performance.


Beckman Coulter DXC 700 AU Analyzer


Photometric Throughput with ISE (test/hour): 800/1,200 with ISE

Number of Onboard Assays with ISE: 63

Sample Volume: 1.0-25.0

Sample Load Capacity (Routine/STAT): 150 (15 racks x 10 samples), 22 samples by carousel

Clot Detection and Auto-clearing (Mechanism): Yes

Open Channel Capability: Yes

Software: Windows 10