PCR Collection Products

Smart Transport Medium and Accuswab

Smart Transport Medium and Accuswab

The MedSchanker Collection products are FDA-approved and ideal for collection, transport, maintenance and long term freeze storage of Virus (including Covid19), Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma. Each contains one AccuSwab and one Smart Transport Medium, available in 1.5ml, 2.0ml, & 3.0ml vials.

While currently the go-to for Covid19 testing, the MedSchanker Collection products are also used for all PCR testing, such as RPP, vaginitis, Wound, UTI, and more.

This high-quality test has been evaluated and used by many state health departments. MedSchenker STM and swab are cleared for FDA under class I. This product is comparable to the Copan Product as you will see in the comparison chart.

We are able to supply consistently in large quantities.


  • Stable at room temperature.
  • Patient sample material and particles are rapidly released and dispersed.
  • Our STM includes antibiotics to help inhibit bacteria and fungal flora in the sample for the most accurate result.
  • The molded break points are both safe and reliable.
  • Our STM is a stand-up and shatter-proof tube enabling quality centrifugation of the sample.
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FDA Cleared

MedSchenker STM and swab are cleared for FDA under class I.

COVID-19 Ready

Our STM & Accuswab have demonstrated numerous success stories with COVID-19 test kits.


Reliable in room temperature:
These STM can hold variable type of viruses more than 50% with normal room temperatures.

STM Sizes

Smart Transport Medium

1000 vials per case


Collection Swab

2000 swabs per case

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