Homeostasis Analyzers

ClearChem Diagnostics Homeostasis Analyzers

From the choice of equipment to installation costs, setting up or upgrading a laboratory and its equipment can be daunting. To help in cost containment, ClearChem's expert-trained service staff offers high-quality, like-new refurbished instruments and ancillary equipment for the entire laboratory. All of our equipment is licensed and certified to guarantee satisfaction and comes with a full one-year warranty.

Simple, Comprehensive Solutions for the Hemostasis Laboratory

The ACL Elite Pro analyzer provides specialty and STAT testing on compact and convenient systems.

ACL “Elite Pro” Coagulation Analyzer

Analyzer Description

The ACL Elite Pro offers routine, specialty and STAT assays on this compact, and easy-to-use analyzer. This powerful machine has a unique combination of process automation, maximizing walk-away time, while delivering robust testing capabilities for the smallest laboratories in your network.

General Characteristics

Simple, comprehensive solutions for the Hemostasis Laboratory.


  • Random access processing
  • STAT PT and aPTT
  • Bar Coded reader for reagents
  • Walk away capacity for 40 samples
  • STAT interrupt and continuous sample loading for uninterrupted testing
  • Integrated color touch screen
  • Bi-directional interface with host query
  • Clot detection
  • 22 measured assays
ACL “Elite Pro” Coagulation Analyzer